Hot Casserole FIESTA – Gift Set of 3 (1500 + 2200 + 2700 mL)

Sizes – 1500 + 2200 + 2700 mL
Double wall PUF insulation keeps the food inside hot or cold for an extended period

  • Made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel.
  • Double wall puff insulation keeps food Hot/Cold for approx. 8 hrs
  • The sturdy construction makes it Leak Proof, Rustfroof, Crack Resistant and Long Lasting
  • Mintage Casserole can be used to set curd, make batter, dough or in whatever manner the customer prefers..
  • Keeps food Hot & Cold &fresh for up to 6-8 hrs approx.
  • Ideal for Commercial, Household & Travel Needs
  • This product is unsuited to be put over stovetops or flames.

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